As experts in fixing all kinds of appliances, we can provide fast and effective repair services for your Microwave Oven, regardless of the brand, model or age and have many years’ experience in dealing with all common problems effecting the normal use of your device. In many cases, we aim to give a detailed diagnosis over the phone and quote your repair work accordingly, however, more complex or less common issues will require a through inspection of the Microwave. Give our technician a call today, we’re more than happy to assist.

Microwave Ovens are complex electrical devices and as a result, you should always enlist the help of a certified repairman to help correctly diagnose the issue and safely carry out the repair work. As with any electrical device, care needs to be taken to ensure that work is done to South African Government standards and should not be tackled by under qualified persons due to risk of electric shock or serious injury.

Whether you have a standard Solo Microwave, one with a Grill facility or a combi Convection Oven, we are experts in discovering the root cause of the issues and recommending the most appropriate and cost effective solution to rectify the malfunction.

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